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All Weather Bangle Yin & Yang - Black/Ivory

BuDhaGirl believes in balance and nothing is more balanced than the concept of Yin and Yang. Classic and elegant our Black & White Yin Yang AWB® evokes a time gone by… perhaps a glimpse of Art Deco foreshadowing the upcoming time of modernism. Today no fashion collection is complete without these color opposites…BLACK & WHITE. Black & White Yin Yang AWB® are effortlessly combinable with other AWB® and of course an elegant statement on their own. Yin is about femininity, bright colors, and the negative, while Yang is about the masculine, whites, and the positive. The interaction of Yin and Yang maintains the harmony of the universe and influences all things. Our set of two Black & Ivory White Yin Yang bangles are beautiful orbs that combine bright and light and are joined with our exclusive Universe bead which is gold-plated brass and has a clear faceted crystal. Of course, they are waterproof, soundless, weightless, and TSA Proof.

$ 100.00